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yellow converse

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yellow converse

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A long time ago, Grandmama was poised to take over the converse high tops NBA. Along with guys like Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson was going to be one of those players that was going to lead the league into the next millennium. Injuries and petty feuds insured things didn't go that way, but Johnson will always have a legacy of fun commercials and a golden tooth that we will never forget. Well, that and the Converse Aero Jam, which came back in 2013. It didn't have the REACT Juice or the jersey number on the shroud so it's not a perfect retro, but we'll take it with the hopes that future reissues will be done right. For the past several years now, Dwyane Wade has making his own lane with Chinese brand Li-Ning called the Way of Wade.

After going the traditional path with Converse and then with Jordan Brand, Wade felt that the time to build his own name and brand was now and he took the maybe the biggest sneaker-related risk any NBA superstar still in their prime has taken by signing with a lesser known brand stateside like Li-Ning. The result has been a creative endeavor that nobody saw coming and a niche following that is growing with every new signature release. And as evidenced by a recent trip converse shoes the KoF team made to Miami to meet Wade himself, it shows that people are slowly but surely paying attention to the brand now. Everything is cyclical. Need proof? Check one of your newly tech-savvy parents Facebook or Instagram posts and peep their attire, particularly their footwear.

From materials to the aesthetic touches that are synonymous with the Chuck Taylor, the Modern Lux does away with almost all of it and leaves behind converse white shape and the iconic badge albeit in embossed form. The result is a minimalist sneaker that that works for today's fashion needs. The monochromatic sneaker with premium leather that pairs of nicely in not only a pair jeans but a nice suit. It ain't just for your professor anymore. So to get a package that says Acme on the side, it was a surreal moment. And after opening them up, I still not quite sure what happened to me other than pure unadulterated joy that I own a pair of Looney Tunes x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Look, I know I said yesterday that I probably have never been more excited to open up a media package than when Converse sent a Looney Tunes-themed Acme box with Bugs Bunny After today's unboxing however, I think it's safe to say that I should keep opinions and feelings like that custom converse to myself.

Check out the video above and photos below for a detailed look. What do you guys think of Converse with Nike tech? Are you excited for the possibly of a similar upgrade with the upcoming Chuck Taylor II launch? With wifey, Khloe, by his side, Lamar gave the fans just what they wanted. Some brought his new Hyperdunk PE for him to autograph, while others made it more personal and had him sign their phone, one person even had him autograph the t-shirt he was wearing. On the sneaker front, I saw lots of Laker inspired kicks, including a pair of Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors a fan brought for him to sign. The Converse Chuck 70 was introduced in 2013, and it's inspired by the original 1970's design for the Chuck Taylor All Star with attention to detail.

Evans also was a fan of the low cut before it was chic to wear low. Later in his career, Evans signed on with Converse but not until he took us on a nice tour of the Air Jordan line along with a few other solid members of the Nike Basketball stable. We'll take a look at Evans' MKG during his tours with Minnesota, Sacramento and Detroit prior to signing with Converse in 2010. The tag team that is Missoni and Converse will continue well into 2012 as we get a sneak peek at two new silhouettes they will be hitting us with. Seen here are the Converse Chuck Taylor High and Converse Aukland Racer both clad in the cloth uppers that the textile company is well known for. The Chuck Taylor finds its flow this time with leather detailing around the midsole, toe and heel tab while the Aukland Racer keeps it knit with a jumble of colors aiding the way. No word on when these will hit retailers but stay tuned for an update.

These are set to release next week at Hanon if you are interested in ordering a pair. We've previewed this collaboration between Italian label Missoni and Converse yellow converse on several occasions, but have now come across detailed photos for you guys. The shoe features an upper set in stripes, all the while blending brown, black, and white hues. The cool thing about these is that the inner side of each foot features the same design but in larger blocking. Finishing off the look is black leather, which is located on the tongue, toe, and lining. We just finished previewing the brown / black colorway in the Missoni x Converse Chuck Taylor Spec FS Hi, and now we have Bild new images of another pair from the same collection.